Magnificent Issue Extraordinaire 2012 

Passion pursuing – your chance to be extraordinary 

13 steps to building a lifetime communication bridge 

Girls detect ’em – The anatomy of an extraordinary logic


Magnificent Well-Being Issue 2012

Change 50 in 50 

Recipes for Hale and Hearty love life


Magnificent Tying The knot issue 2012  

Q’s to ask yourself before tying the knot

Early pre-wedding conflict


Magnificent The Sexy Issue 2013

Your guide on how to lose a girl in the first date

How to be a heartbreaker 101


Wedding Issue 2013

DIY Wedding Ideas 

Bridesmaids & Groomsmen for dummies

The Mischievous Gentleman – Common Mistakes Men Do When It Comes To Marriage 


The Yin Yang Issue 2014

Resolving Conflicts – How can differences bring us closer

When Yin meets Yang – The chemistry of love at first sight

Introverts Vs. Extroverts – The north and south of human temperament


The IT Issue 2015

The 10 Commandments of a Healthy Friendship

Is He The One?


The Cinderella Issue

Diaries of a non Traditional Bride

When Bridezilla Meets Groomzilla


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