Marriage – Reality check I


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The more I grow up the more the idea of marriage gets exposed to me with wider aspects. It’s a big issue when you’re my age; family brings it on because they expect us to get married. Married friends complain, and yet urges their single friends to do it. Single friends seem scared they might be a divorce material, or can’t wait to tie the knot. It gets very weird to be in this crazy position where everyday you get to be urged to talk and think about marriage.

And because it’s my first time to think marriage through as a personal experience, I felt lost and not settled. I needed to set my own expectations, and priorities. Cause I found out that a huge part of my mindset is extremely affected by my external environment and my current circumstances, and that caused me unease. I was about to make stupid decisions but I decided I should give myself some time to think.

That’s what triggered the survey. Not to mention my constant curiosity to know more about people and my recent passion regarding social behavior.

It wasn’t only just about the survey, I made some talking with many people who took this survey. I needed to know and grasp more where they’re coming from.
So time to get some numbers exposed…

Total takers: 52

42% 22 Male
58% 30 Female

90% 47 Egyptians
4% 2 Iraqi
4% 2 Romanian
2% 1 Egyptian American

48% Single 25 (15 female+10 male)
11% In a relationship 6 (4 female+2 male)
2% Engaged 1 (male)
33% Married 17 (10 female+7 male)
6% Divorced 3 (1 female+2 male)

3 are less than 20
5 in their early 20s (20-24)
7 in their mid 20s (25-26)
7 in their late 20s (27-29)
8 in their early 30s (30-34)
3 are between (35-40)
2 in their 40s
1 is above 50